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morning stings!

Since all my dear friends were so incensed by my last post (thanks!!!), I figured I should just reply by making an update about my day today. Never a dull moment!

Last night, I called Aero at a time that I knew my store manager wouldn't be in anymore and one of the assistant managers, Kate (which is a different person than Katy), to ask if I was supposed to not come in today if I didn't have a doctor's note. Clearly I didn't go out and get one. Which is ridiculous to think that I could even make an appointment at my doctor's to get a note after 12 noon on a Monday. I mean, if they're going to demand a doctor's note every I'm out or sick I think they ought to provide medical benefits so I can afford it since I don't have medical insurance. That aside, Kate was telling me how stupid she thought the whole thing was. How her and Katy (the other assistant manager) were talking about how I never call out and how reliable I am and how this kind of thing is what's causing everyone to quit. Which is true-true-true! But, she told me to come in anyway. That he might send me home if I didn't have my note, but she said she'd just tell him she told me to come in since I couldn't get to the doctor's that day. I was still annoyed that I should be bothered about doctor's notes for a 4hr on-call shift, but it did feel good to feel backed up by the assistants. Especially Kate since she was always up the store manager's ass. Even she's tired of his shit. That's really saying something.

So when I got there this morning, Katy said, "are you ready?" and I said, "for what?" and she said, "To quit?" - her and I have that kind of relationship, but that's the kind of note that's sort of been ringing throughout this holiday season! Katy said she didn't agree with what he said and that she thought the rule was that you had to be sick for three consecutive days for them to ask for any kind of doctor's note. Be that as it may, when I went in the back to put my things away and clock in and he was back there (they were having a manager's meeting) and was all friendly - maybe a little TOO friendly - and I said little more than necessary and went back out. When he came out to leave and he was giving me some instruction, he was all, "are you ok?" as he was walking by and I said, "I'm sick.." and he kept going. I'm not sure if he heard me. I assume he did, but he didn't say anything back. Nor did he say anything about the doctor's note. And he never did when he came back in for his shift at 2pm. It was never brought up at all. Which I'm definitely not complaining about!

That being said, I'm not going to any amount of effort to get one no matter what he thinks. Katy did a little research and brought new light to this "policy". Clearly stated in the employee guidelines, you can only be terminated if you are a no call, no show for three consecutive days. Furthermore, you are only expected to call an hour before your shift begins if you cannot come into work (I called two hours before). No where in there does it say ANYTHING about providing a doctor's note. So, I'm not bringing one in. And I happened to say something about how I didn't understand why it was such a big deal since it was only an on-call and Katy was a taken back. She hadn't known that. Apparently I cannot be fired for an on-call as they're not the same as a regularly scheduled shift. That if I don't call in for an on-call, they can't fire me for it. I mean, I'm not the kind of person to just ignore my job duties despite this information, but still, that just goes to show what kind of ass my store manager is. He's going around making up his own policies now. Just inventing things to threaten employees with. I hate him.

And I had to work with him from 2 to 6. I spent so little time doing my job in the back room. Katy and I were trying to make room in the back by filling as much into the tables as we could and that took up a lot of time. But because people randomly quit and new people have this way of saying "oh I confused my schedule!" and not showing up. For the 2nd or 3rd time in a row. Do THEY have to bring in any doctor's note and be threatened with termination? NOPE! I heard him on the phone with Will, who was yet again a no call, no show. I predicted Will would say he confused his schedule because that's what he says every time. All my store manager did was tell him they had to have a talk about this and maybe they'd cut his hours until he can learn to come in (I wish that was the threat I got!!!), but I also heard him insisting that he needed him. I was working the cash register for two hours (not my job!) because of these people. Shipment didnt get done. And tomorrow I've got to go in and work extra hours because of someone that quit recently. And yet, he threatened to fire me.

Is it just me or is that so fucking backwards? I feel so under appreciated.

And a lot of you were saying that I should talk to my district manager about his behavior, etc etc. In so many words, I did do that. Yesterday afternoon in fact. Yeah, I'm not the type to just lay down and let someone get away with something that I think is generally wrong. Especially not when they're making far more money than me and making my life hell. Not to mention telling me that I have a bad work ethic just because I hate my job. When they say, "Do you want to come in...?" I always say, "I don't WANT to, but I will" he has a problem with it. Who wants to go to work? Especially when they're making minimum wage and dealing with pricks like him?! I wanted to tell him I didn't used to hate my job until he started, but I figured that was unprofessional. After all, two wrongs don't make a right.

I'm rambling hardcore. I could probably go on and on venting about him. It really irked me that he told me that if I used better time management, I would have plenty of time to do music. Anyone that tells you that is probably not musical or creative which he clearly is neither. I can't plan inspiration. I can't pencil it in. He thinks getting home every night after 6pm is plenty of time to have a band. He must be fucking retarded if he thinks that. Maybe that's okay for some people who don't live with their parents or their parents don't go to bed at 8pm, but that's my situation. And my prime writing times? The middle of the afternoon and the middle of the night. Both times that I can't do in my current living/working status.

It's frustrating.

But I took off my vacation days today! From January 3rd til January 11th Aero may not bother me! I'll be on my way to Florida (Jamie and I are takin a roadtrip for my birthday!) so they can call if they want, but I won't be available! muahahaha! Course, when I asked Katy to put it in the calendar she said, "If you're still here then.." haha But seriously, I may quit before then. You never know! Everyday is a new day!

This got long.

I'm going to end it here.

Thanks for all the sweet comments! It feels good to know I'm not being totally irrational or naive about things. I mean, I know retail sucks, but he just seems so out of line. But really thanks again friends and family!!! I didn't even think anyone read LJ anymore.. ;)

- jenell

ps. check out what i did on your piano, andrew:
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