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happy 61st birthday, george!

At their first session, when the Beatles were asked by George Martin if there wasn't anything they didn't like, George Harrison replied:
"Well, I don't like your tie for a start."

Happy Birthday, George!!!

I think it's awfully nice of the Good Charlottes to have a concert in Las Vegas in honor of George Harrison's birthday. uh huh. it's very nice. Good going boys! I applaud you! As I'm sure many, many 14 yr old girls shall be doing tonight. haha

I have to pick my brother up from Ocean City in like an hour and I have 6 medical reports to do before tomorrow. My night is going to be FUN! haha Ahhh well, if I get them done then maybe I can have some money for when I go see The Sounds and Kill Hannah on Friday! woooo!!!!!!!
Celebrate good times COME ON!!!

I'm going to go do something more productive than updating my lj now. well, probably NOT but I'm at least going to pretend it's more productive. *nod*


- jenell *
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